Master’s Club

For those that understand the importance of the Black Belt Lifestyle and wish to continue past 1st degree, our Master’s Program is the appropriate vehicle.  It contains all of the components of the Leadership Program – all the physical skills, whether it be weapons, forms, the self-defense combinations and the entire physical curriculum, as well as the character and mental development – but it takes it one step forward and increases the teaching component on the way to a second-degree black belt. It is available to those nearing 1st degree or current 1st degree Black Belts.

Our Master’s Club Program Includes:
-2nd Degree Black Belt Curriculum
-2nd Degree Weapon’s Curriculum
-Advanced Self-Defense Curriculum
-Advanced Bully Defense Curriculum
-Advanced Character Development
-Leadership/Teaching Skills
-Advanced Situational Awareness
-Behavior Detection
-Group Community Service Events
-Individual Community Service Project