Black Belt Club

The Black Belt Club is the base way to get to black belt. It’s going to get you to all of the physical skill sets that a black belt’s going to have, which includes not only self-defense but also a high-level of physical conditioning and a high level of athletic accomplishments with all the martial arts skills.  It’s going to get a person to a high level of mental focus, a high level of mental discipline, a high level of confidence, and having the ability to set goals, and follow-through on those goals.  Black Belt Club takes a person to black belt and beyond. It gets them to the point that they’re a part of the black belt family and gets them to the point where they’ve really achieved all of the physical skill sets.  However, the downside is that it does not go to the depth of the character development training seen in the Leadership Program nor does it offer opportunities through instruction and demonstration to present to classes of peers and adults.  This ability to speak comfortably in front of a group is an invaluable skill that will enhance most everyone’s career and advancement.

For all programs, being goal-oriented is critical.  However, being goal-oriented is not just for the student; it is for the entire family!  In many cases, your child may be too young to really know what is best for them.  As parents, having goals for your child helps them get a great start.  Championship Martial Arts is not a place to take your child for just another recreational activity.  It is a school of higher learning, and just like other schools, there is a progression that must be followed in order to succeed, to advance.  It starts with a strong base to build on, and adds more advanced material as students mature. This step process encourages the skills that your child learns to become ingrained as lifelong habits.  At the same time, the way we deliver the material will be fun for both the parents and students.

Some say, and I know that in the past, we have even said, “don’t use your karate unless you have to keep yourself safe.”  That is not true.  One should use their karate every day!  Their karate involves better focus, respect for others, respect for themselves, perseverance, and greater integrity.  With this program, their karate will become second nature.

Our Black Belt Club Program Includes:
-Black Belt Martial Arts Curriculum
-Black Belt Self-Defense Curriculum
-Bully Defense Curriculum
-Weapons Curriculum
-Character Development