Holiday Safety Tips

As we approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, it is important to remain vigilant about our health and safety.  We are so focused on getting the chores done that we forget basic common sense actions and therefore mark us as a potential target for the many predators that are all too common. Situational Awareness can help get us home safely!

Below are a few simple ways to increase your safety over the holiday:

  • Slow Down – Many errands make for less awareness about our surroundings.  Take the time to be consciously aware of your location in all situations and survey the area for anything that looks out of place.
  • ATM Smarts – Always be careful when entering your personal information.  Check that no one is uncomfortably close.  Daylight is your friend.
  • Try to stay in well lit areas.
  • When carrying packages, if possible, place them in a cart.  If your hands are full, the ability for you to protect yourself is dramatically reduced.
  • When carrying a purse, be aware of how you carry it.  Carry it close to your body and if it has a shoulder strap, keep it on the opposite side away from your dominant hand.  You need that dominant hand for protection.
  • If driving, always park in the best lit section of the parking lot, especially if arriving or leaving after dark, away from areas which may offer shelter to criminals (clumps of trees or large garbage bins).
  • When returning to your vehicle, always check around its perimeter and look inside before entering.
  • Never leave your car running unattended, even for a short period of time.

Stay safe and have a great holiday.

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