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CMA Griffin renovated one of Griffin’s older buildings into a new, state of the art facility.  This facility has 11,200 square feet.  It boasts three large training areas, all with ample seating area for family and friends’ viewing comfort.  The primary training area is over 50 ft X 50 ft, yielding over 2,750 square feet.  The secondary training area is almost 40 ft. X 50 ft, creating almost 2,000 square feet for training.   The third room includes a 14 ft. X 7 ft. trampoline, a 30 ft. X 5 ft. tumble tramp which leads to a 20 ft. X 12 ft. foam pit and a gymnastic spring floor.  This area is used for teaching extreme martial arts and basic gymnastics tumbling.  Extreme martial arts incorporates flips, twists, and aerials with traditional martial arts which results in exciting forms, traditionally called katas.  They are exciting for those watching the demonstration and for the performer.  The facility allows training in a safer environment than has been available in the Atlanta area and will allow the martial artist to learn much more quickly. It also benefits those that are not as athletic as some others by allowing them to learn these more difficult skills in this “softer” and safer training area.