Leadership Program

Upon demonstrating sufficient aptitude and attitude, a student may be invited to join our Leadership Program.  In the Leadership Program, students will train in the martial arts techniques, blocks, kicks, and strikes one needs in order to stay safe.  The Leadership Program includes sparring training, to use these techniques in a controlled environment to practice one-on-one or one-on-multiple opponent conflict resolution.

Besides improving upon the basics, students will train in a comprehensive and dynamic self-defense program designed for people of all ages.  It is fashioned after one of the most effective self-defense systems ever developed.

Of even more importance is the Situational Awareness Program included that is used to train our students on how to better avoid physical conflicts.  Both the techniques and the situational awareness are also used to produce a more effective Bully Prevention program.

Part of Leadership is developing the skill and confidence to stand up in front of a group and deliver a speech or teach a class.  The Leadership program will develop this skill in the student through instruction, demonstration, and opportunities to present to classes of peers and adults.  It will be instituted in a gradual manner so as not to cause the student undue stress.  This ability to speak comfortably in front of a group is an invaluable skill that will enhance most everyone’s career and advancement. In addition to speaking in front of a crowd, we add weapons training to the curriculum that, besides teaching the physical skills of weapons manipulation, helps prepare the student to perform in front of a crowd.

Leadership training also requires the student to participate in two Community Service projects each year.  In order to be approved to test for Black Belt, each student must also complete a Community Service Project that had prior approval of the Chief Instructor, the Head Instructor and the Program Director.  This project will be presented during their Black Belt test.

The character development aspect of Leadership is woven throughout all the many parts of the Leadership program.  In addition, there are supplemental classes that reinforce and focus on different facets of character development. To further ingrain character development and the importance of giving back to our community, we will be sponsoring 2 community service events each year and there will be a community service project led by the student that must be completed before they can test for their back belt.

This combination of features and benefits makes the Leadership Program the standout choice for the road to Black Belt.

The Leadership Program Includes:
-Black Belt Martial Arts Curriculum
-Black Belt Self-Defense Curriculum
-Self-Defense Curriculum
-Bully Defense Curriculum
-Sparring Curriculum
-Weapons Curriculum
-Advanced Character Development
-Leadership/Teaching Skills
-Basic Situational Awareness
-Group Community Service Events
-Individual Community Service Project