After School Program

Our after school program is a great alternative to day care.  It provides FREE transportation from many Elementary Schools in Spalding and Pike County to our studio every school day. (Contact us for list of schools) It gives the students an opportunity to learn karate in a fun and safe environment at a place they will love to attend after school.  Our new 11,000 square foot facility is truly state of the art.

  • The emphasis of our program is on establishing Black Belt Values in our students.  These include respect, focus, self-discipline, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy confidence and positive attitude.  These values when combined with the physical skills taught at Championship Martial Arts, help develop some very important life skills.  These life skills include leadership skills, teamwork, self-confidence, self-control, balance and coordination, bully prevention techniques, stranger awareness, study skills, and goal setting.
  • The program provides confidence and character building by assisting the children to accomplish their goals.  CMA also teaches the child to have self-control over his and her body and develop the ability to stand up to peer pressure and other intimidating situations.
  • The movements of Karate and Tumbling develop coordination, increased strength and flexibility, which is very importance during the growing years.
  • The awarding of higher levels of Karate Belts gives the children the sense of achievement and accomplishment.  We keep this very much in mind.  Training for these tests enhances the child’s ability to concentrate and focus on achieving a goal.  This is an excellent reinforcement of study techniques for school.
  • We are very careful to teach children to use common sense before self-defense and never be abusive or offensive.  The result of our program is a self-confident child who does not need to bully or show off to other children.
  • Finally, CMA is good, clean fun for kids and a great way to burn off energy, get in and stay in shape.



  • Students are picked up from school soon after dismissal
  • Students will change into their uniforms and then have snack time upon arrival at studio.  As a martial arts program, students must have and wear uniforms to participate in class.
  • Students will be divided into groups by grade level and/or experience (belt level).
  • Groups will rotate between martial arts class, “Kicks & Tricks” (karate’s own version of tumbling), and “Black Belt Values” class. This is time to discuss the philosophical character building aspect of martial arts. We talk about the history of martial arts, how to handle confrontation at school, stranger danger, bullies and more.
  • Pick up is no later than 6:00.

As in any sport, there is equipment and uniforms to purchase. Karate is no exception.Students MUST wear their CMA uniform to participate in class.  Please remember, this is an alternative to daycare and is a karate program.  Students not participating in class on a regular basis will not be able to continue in After School Karate.

This is a belt progression program.   Your child will have the opportunity to advance to their next rank every 3 months.

Our product is self esteem.  Kids learn to feel good about themselves through participating in our programs.  We hope you will consider our program for your child.  It is a great opportunity for them to grow in character and in physical ability.


If you have any questions, please feel free to talk with us.  We believe strongly in the values of our program for all ages and the lifelong benefits the students earn.