Exciting New Curriculum

We are pleased to announce that we added new classes in February  AND have upgraded our website.

The classes include Kid’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Weapons Training, and Forms.  You may ask why we are offering these new classes.  Aren’t these skills taught in their regular classes?  The answer is yes, they are taught and will continue to be taught; however, because of the time constraints on classes, we cannot focus on these items to the extent we can in specialized classes.  In addition, there are either prerequisites or age restrictions for these new classes.  Some of the material requires strength and agility that most of the younger students have yet to develop.

Our philosophy on ground fighting is that everyone needs to know how to control the situation if taken to the ground in an assault and be able to get up and away to safety as quickly as possible.  It is not safe to stay on the ground and continue to fight because the attacker often has accomplices and one does not want to be on the ground when another attacker appears.  We teach how to address this situation in our basic martial arts classes.  However, many people enjoy the art of jiu jitsu or grappling.  It is the martial arts version of wrestling. It is a great sport and teaches many skills that are very valuable for overall self-defense and many find a lot of fun.  Much of the time is spent on the ground.  It reinforces what we teach in our regular classes but goes on to teach many alternative techniques that a student would be able to use if attacked and taken to the ground.  The more techniques they have in their arsenal, the more likely they would be able to leave an attack safely.  We especially feel this class would be valuable for all our female students.

In the past, one had to be a member of the Black Belt Club in order to train with weapons.  The weapons’ training classes have been added because many students would like the opportunity to learn to handle weapons but did not want to join Black Belt Club.  This is now possible.  Any student, Gold Belt or above, can join the weapons classes.

The Brazilian jiu jitsu and weapons class will be upgrades that can be added to a student’s current program.  The upgrade costs are reasonable but there are a number of options, so if you have any questions, please see Mr. Jim.  There will be no additional costs for anyone for the Forms classes.

For Black Belt Club members, here is the great news… there will be no additional cost for you in order to take the jiu jitsu classes or the weapons classes.  They will be included under your current Black Belt Club agreement.

Since you are reading this blog, you know we have a new website.  We hope you like the new site and take advantage of the new additions.  If  you are a current student, please access the “Student Resources” by clicking on the “Log In” link. To get the log in credentials, please come to the studio.  This are for CURRENT STUDENTS so the only way to get them is in person from Mr. Jim and Mr. Kevin.

Also, if you a current student, PLEASE update your information in order to receive emails. This can be done after you log in to the active student link.

For any questions on any of these items, please see or contact Mr. Jim.